Over a period of several years, Yogamayi came to realize she is a natural yogini of sorts once she finally began to absorb the teachings within the information that was being taught in yoga sutras. She further learned that we can tune into the teachings of the Yoga sutras when we are being intellectually nourished by a living teacher of the sutras. Living sutra teachers (another word for guru) can help us to relate to the data being shared on a most understandable, practical, and intimate level. Sometimes living sutra is elusive, as it can come to you from a stranger meeting you on the street, or a child asking you why you are doing something you have never even asked of your self. Sometimes perfect teachings, gurus, and Living Sutra teachers are actually all around us, but we only need to tune into the good that is hidden deep within every experience. This is how we choose to raise our vibration.

Living Sutra is a little different than the slow awkward tedious work it can often take for us to understand spiritual writings. Some living sutra does not come straight out of the book yet it aligns with it. It is often what the skilled and accomplished yogi can possess as a strength or prowess. A sort of thought stream that is inspired from a very high level of love and acceptance, practice, and embodiment of truth. This can be identified as prophetic mind, revelatory mind, realized mind, or in Sanskrit, Yog vidya.

In a Living Sutra type of experience, you are directly involved. The events from your birth onward that led up to you being in the presence of the teacher connects to that very moment in ever present learning. There is also a direct transmission of emotionally healthy energy when these teachings are given. This is the gift of sitting with truth also known in Sanskrit as satsang.