Yogamagick: More than Yoga

When I teach a confidential private yoga lesson, there are effectively therapeutic aspects to our dialogue. Beyond just helping you to breathe deeply, meditate and allow your body come into alignment and strengthen, I frequently hold space and offer my services as a completely non-judgmental and empathetic listener.

If you have experienced something paranormal, psychic, supernatural or other "weirdness", I offer you a safe opportunity to process it effectively. Together we can address all aspects of being-ness.

The following are a few of the main subjects I offer assistance in:


Sometimes we have specific chakras of interest, whether it is our intuition, an intuitive, or a doctor that is telling us that we need to lavish attention on a certain section of the body, addressing chakras can help us to live our lives with better insight, health and clarity. Open all of your chakras and get them operating in harmony with each other to tune yourself to the optimum level. This brings us on to the next subject...

Kundalini awakenings

I AM HERE FOR YOU, whether you are interested in awakening kundalini or already have been initiated by Mata Shakti. There is a vivid world of heightened awareness and self-possessed bliss that awaits us all once we unlock this unfathomable evolutionary fire that blurs the line between spiritual and sensual. Unfortunately, kundalini awakenings are sometimes frightfully mislabeled by medical officials as psychotic episodes, often adding 'insult to injury'. Most Kundalini awakenings are unexpected and when they happen, the person experiencing can be shocked or traumatized. Especially if there is no previous knowledge or education about this phenomenon when it happens. The effects of the Western scientific and medical system's interception of Kundalini phenomena can often leave us feeling confused, frightened or at odds with ourselves and the world around us. Not to mention, when medication is involved, the effects can be absolutely devastating. I am here to help undo what the Western medical industry is doing to retard a personal growth and development that is intrinsically connected to a world considered to be sanctioned only to quantum physicists.

spirit encounters and dream experiences

If you have been seeing and experiencing anomalous or otherwise disturbing occurrences in your home

that 'feel real', feature unusual beings, reoccur or keep resurfacing in your memory, I can relate, help you cope and in some cases, resolve the issue.

Mystical and supernatural experiences are more common than you may believe, yet we are discouraged from expressing them due to various social stigmas. This is why such experiences are often suppressed or overlooked.

This is where I offer more to you than yoga. I present regular opportunities to touch beyond the so-called "veil" and address various supernatural or otherwise spiritual subjects.

Not only am I a "yoga teacher". I am a kundalini-awakened being who has done extensive fieldwork in healing, shamanism, ritual magick and paranormal studies. I often act through the intuitive flow of prana shakti*, in order to help you to become a better conduit of this all-pervading force so that it may more easily move through you as well. This allows you to fully experience purifying effects to your nervous system and energy body, subsequently balancing the mind and improving alignment within your physical structure. The ultimate result is optimally healthy functioning of all your body's systems and an overall healthy and beautiful glow.

I have been practicing and studying various aspects of yoga technology for nearly 70% of my life and have experienced a broad range of shifts within my being, along with a good dose of paranormal and psychic phenomena.

I provide genuine assistance to those who need council in coping with personal experiences and understand that there is a great deal of apprehension that we all often feel when it comes to describing mystical or supernatural experiences (also known as the fear of being called "insane").