Yoga Magick

Yogini Kat Yogamayi offers us a glimpse at the play of shadows and light so that we may understand the big picture as an ever-unfolding expanse of connectivity, rather than one piece of a puzzle that we become overly proud of.

We must begin looking at our troubles without fear of judgement, without shame, and without pride. We must be accountable for instance and naming our fears, anxieties, anger, and bitterness explicitly in order to conquer all of these negative products of mind. These negative and destructive thoughts are called "Vikalpas" in yoga. We do not avoid negative thoughts in order to overcome them. WE PRONOUNCE THEM WITH UNWAVERING FEARLESSNESS TO DESTROY THEIR HOLD ON OUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.

This is our transcendence.

It is a real practice that has the power to heal all minds and it is even partially practiced in the popular 12 step programs of recovery that exist in many forms throughout the United States.

Yoga Magick is Raja Yoga.

The power of our divine source and the one and only immutable truth itself is attained through self analysis and inquiry.

The power of transcending our subjective impressions of words and diving deep into their actual meaning and roots is real, not a belief system, and not affiliated with any new age movement.

Yoga Magick shares pure and quintessential holistic yoga science. It is not new or cutting-edge knowledge.

It is the power of pure unalloyed truth that is beyond space and time that aligns us with ultimate and supreme reality.

This practice of diving deeper into meaning assists us in our journey of gaining higher grounds of knowing not simply ourselves, but the self. The self that we all connect to on a universal level. The powers of consciousness with all their different experiences, ego type roles and needs that range from healthy to infirm.