Yoga for Mental Health

Holistic Self Recovery Practices

The three means of advanced yoga are taught as a foundation for emotional health.

Our heart of hearts contain our ultimate wish. Our ultimate wish is universally the same---ultimate pleasure.

But what is ultimate pleasure? Can we all dare to say we have experienced it?

We live in a forlorn world...

Many of us have forgotten happiness due to lingering in a state of low grade depression.

Through the grace of compassionate self inquiry, loving kindness, and forgiveness, we remove the walls, the scars, the masks, and shrouds that keep us from our true joy.

Little by little we come to unite with the essence of joy through the will to effect positive change within ourselves from the heart on outward, radiating loving kindness to all other hearts. In this practice we can raise our vibration by entering an exceptionally more noble field of intention than a majority of the general populace.

Why not raise your vibration higher than that which is common or normal? It can be done.

Raising our Consciousness is the Same Thing as Raising our Vibration.

When we concentrate our intentions upon the highest level of self love conceivable we are aspiring to be half way to Buddha or Christ (see vibration level 500 on the diagram below), which is really quite impressive, as once you hit the level of consciousness that is love, you understand why most people suffer and this is why you can be in an absolute state of love. It is real love and it is no longer threatened by ignorance, as the nature of ignorance is understood and thereby forgiven. True love is a beautiful place to be and I personally recommend it to everyone. You might also like to know that you will probably never have a hard time getting someone to love you ever again.

Atma Prema -- The Practice of Self love

As we raise our consciousness, we become more emotionally healthy. Through the practice of vigilantly combining love and truth for the sake of ourselves, we are able to heal through the practice of Atma Prema, as we are loving the true self. This ultimate self love reaches into ultimate consciousness, extending into the practice of entertaining the idea that all which one perceives is a projection of the self, therefore all beings and objects in one's field of awareness no matter what, shall receive the projected intention of nothing but pleasure. The result of this is that one receives pleasure from simply being and evolves into an incarnation of pleasure itself.

A Tantrika is actually a person who is no longer a slave to his/her senses,

but simply derives great pleasure through the pure sensuality of being.

This liberated state is the accomplishment of years of consciously cultivated means and meditations.