Now booking dates and venues for following locations:

Colorado (Denver, Thornton, Boulder, etc.)

December 26th-January 9th

Oregon (Portland)

January 10th-30th

Hawaii --- Hilo, Big Island Kona

Dates coming soon

This healing practice creates a sacred space of universally personal innocence that lends itself to us in a healthy manner---through the expression of dance.

This kriya gives us a joyous and playful means of Yoga-communion:

an intimate connection to the Supreme Self that rests within the heart and soul of all beings.

Experience a specific sequence of movement, meditation, and chakra-oriented focal sound healing

to bring restoration and clarity to the subtle body that will ultimately empower our being.

(this is also a GREAT warming, invigorating "counter pose" for

the stagnant feelings that can often come with the cold Winter season!)

The removal of the somatic "stuck" emotional energy from the mind-body lends a sense

of opening for creative space and a greater sense of personal freedom.

Through dance we seek refuge in the ever loving eternal presence which assists us in personal growth and attaining sublime emotional health.

This true classical kriya practice was discovered by Katherine during an extended stay at the Ananda Ashram in Monroe New York.

She immediately realized how valuable and significant this practice is as a means to dislodge random errant emotional energy.

In Katherine's lifelong studies of yogic science, and the personal revelatory process that arises from such studies,

she has come to conclude that Somaticized trauma acts against us like "free-radicals" that have been stored and consolidated in the body,

often lending to experiences of physical pain and anxiety.

Katherine feels called to share this form of special healing work as it is relevant in our world's current state of affairs that the yogi

makes teachings accessible to the public that assist us in clearing ourselves from destructive addictions and generational traumas.