Psychic Readings

Greetings divine being,

I am pleased to announce that I am currently offering spiritual readings.

I have created my own form of thought stream sessions that combine Egyptian technology along with my own deep instinctual wisdom and understandings. I know Egyptian culture does not seem to make sense in the context of Yoga for many of you, but then again spirit has mysterious ways of showing us our oneness, doesn't it?

I operate upon an honour system of talk now, pay later.

FIRST TIME CALLERS: First 3 minutes are completely free.

After three minutes, please know that the fee is $3.80 a minute.

Once the session is finished, you can donate whatever you choose in the Paypal Donation box on the left

I will email you a paypal bill.

If you have a bitcoin wallet, I can

also request money from you through Coinbase.

Unlike Paypal's activity of taking out a fee for transactions, Coinbase is absolutely open source (free).


If you call and can not reach me, please try again later. I may be in another session or teaching a class.