How Sexual Massage is Destroying Community Integrity

Post date: Oct 24, 2017 3:14:54 PM

The truth may come as a shock to you, but if you pay a massage therapist with the expectations of receiving sexual service, you are hurting the community.

Some of you may be "sex positive apologists" and think that it will help people in dysfunctional marriages that for some reason are not ending in divorce to feel better, to help them feel loved and a sense of fulfillment, but there is no love in someone making you have an orgasm for money. In fact, this distances all parties involved from love. This has unfortunately been the standard for far too long however. So, while people pay $10,000 to get their massage training, hundreds of thousands of men and women across the nation are expecting to be sexually manipulated somehow to the point of climax.

Have you ever stopped to think of how this is emotionally impacting everyone? Do you think it's normal to wake up every day and hope you can jack off or finger bang lots of people? How could you sleep next to the person who loves you and wake up every day thinking this way about other people?

Are you still resisting this message?

A body friendly body work and massage therapy environment does not equate for a sexual playground. A non-deranged, emotionally healthy massage therapist with good training and holistic knowledge on mind-body therapy knows a great deal more than you do, given that you are one of those common and woefully predictable sexual solicitors. After all, they are a trained practitioner. You are a client and in truth you do not even know what you want.

You blindly pursue a "manual release" like a half-dead salmon swimming up stream to spawn before croaking. What a pathetic scene. It's time you remember your humanity. A good massage therapist is here to empower you, not pander to your low self esteem---your desperate anxiety to be sexually gratified amid the haze of your clear and apparent psycho-sexual disease. Our popular culture has been brain washing us into believing that the sexual interaction is the way to be validated as a worthwhile human being---a replacement for esteem and honor. Well, if you're paying for the attention and pleasure, or even if you're simply having sex with whoever says they want you, you are not being esteemed. YOU ARE BEING USED.

Furthermore, when you push on a massage practitioner's boundaries after they have already asserted that they do not offer sexual practices, you are attempting to "buy" them. You are attempting to compromise someone else's comfort zone and moral standing through a bribe and this makes you subhuman. Not only does it make you subhuman, it pulls the therapist down to your subhuman level. The endless cowardly requests for "a sensual touch" wear on a respectful and sincerely loving, or otherwise emotionally healthy human being after a while, causing them to give up on healing the community.

Get it yet?

Your requests for "sensual massage", "Tantra massage", "nuru massage", or "happy ending" ENRAGE well-meaning and soulful people to the point of inspiring them to pray that God erases you from the planet to make room for truth, beauty, and love. Not only does it enrage them, it inspires them to stop offering quality service, leaving the advertising up to the drug and alcohol addicted phony practitioners that will do anything you ask to get your money and support their next fix.

Do you see what this sexual massage and FAKE TANTRA culture is doing? Men & WOMEN--- Good people want to offer you support and you are ruining your opportunity for actual healthy well being. Your lechery is scaring away the quality in your home town. Tantra was sexualized in India by con artists who enjoy sex, just like everyone else. As far as purely energetic orgasms....? Yes, those are real but where do you go after you pay for it and experience it? Have you ever thought that far?

Sexual massage aspirants, your intent is not helpful for society in the greater scheme of things. Our committed love & life partners do not appreciate us sharing sexual or sensual touch with strangers. We absorb energy & intentions from each other. When a licensed massage therapist gets requests for sexual touch from their clients.... It does something to them emotional. Something that is not healing.

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