Self Reflection for Divine Union

Has it ever entered your mind that you might be over-defensive?

Every time this thought crosses our minds, we are blessed with an opportunity to open our heart.

Once the heart is opened, we don’t merely go about exposing it to the world, but instead stop and look inside

. There is an old Japanese proverb that says, “When the student is ready, the teacher will come.” It is not uncommon to think of this ‘teacher’ as a person of particular grooming, lineage, appearance, and age...

Things that disturb us often lay a deep impression in our minds. Let's say this impression is represented by a seed (bija) that is planted in your mind. That seed grows and develops into what can be considered as ‘a membrane of psychic scar tissue’. This 'membrane' blockage is known as a samskara.

We often carry layers of these walls which block off our extra sensitivity to not only the truth of reality itself, but our own inner light, that is our genuine self and valuable inner witness.

My goal is to not only help you feel great and look good as a result of your yoga practice but also to foster a form of genuinely radiant health that produces rational thought and understanding which in turn blossoms as a wealth of joyful inner strength.

Once this happens, we can fail to absorb valuable information. We will then struggle to cope with the world around us and grow ever more irritated as we experience displeasing events.

Therefore, in order for us to evolve, our only solution to overcome this repetitive, cyclical, and self-imposed illness that is based on psychological conditioning, is that we must transcend the associative walls we have erected.

As we take advantage of our ability to reflect upon habits, we will then be capable of re-thinking our attitude toward sensitivity in general.

However life itself and the collective world-tribe can also be a great teacher.

Sometimes we are taught by painful experiences; traumas that cause us disturbances on both physical and psychic levels. The ‘defense’ we put up in response to a trauma, may result in us not being ‘ready’, when life is presenting us with opportunities for growth.

I believe this is a way we can feel genuinely whole and complete as a human being--- through the loving service of care, forgiveness, and esteem.

If anyone has any better ideas on how to be in harmony with the universe around them however, I am all ears! :)

We must find ways to stop ourselves from having a dis-eased response to information and experiences that we find particularly uncomfortable or disturbing.

Ultimately, this will result in a positive transformation in the over all way you experience yourself in the world.

Sensitivity, unlike fragility is actually something that benefits us greatly if we use our self-knowledge and behavioral wisdom to stay content and relaxed through our understandings.

Jnana or knowledge is fed by our exploration of "union" and it will inevitably aid us in mastering the ability to stop disturbances of the mind from even starting, therefore preventing more samsakara-trauma-blockages from being planted.

Katherine Russ Yogamayi