Real Tantra Redundant

Greetings readers! I do hope that you are enjoying this warming Portland Oregon weather, or life where ever else you may be, regardless of weather! I would like to open this rather tricky article (as Tantra is a huge topic that is quite a challenge to explain!).

I imagine I will get a lot of negativity for sharing radical thoughts but that's life! Truth must be reconciled with in a world that has forgotten the Supreme & Absolute Truth. The Dharma must be restored and it takes bravery to reveal the Dharma! We must arrive at clarity and understanding.

For those of you who are new to my website or have never met me, I do bodywork and teach Tantra Yoga but in my line of work, never does the idea of Tantra and a massage quite mix. When I teach tantra, I teach meditation. I talk about dharma. It is a mixture of psychology and philosophy. In the 60s there was a term that was used briefly. It was "Psychosophy". Tantra is a lot like this! I share practices that help us to attain higher understandings of reality and thus reach higher states without the assistance of anything outside oneself besides New Information. Tantra is a meditation practice that translates to "Non-dual thought" and touch is contrary to meditation. The idea of "tantric sex" has come from a carnal (miss)undersunderstanding of the yab yum!

Wiki: Yab-yum (Tibetan literally, "father-mother") is a common symbol in the Buddhist art of India, Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet. It represents the primordial union of wisdom and compassion, depicted as a male deity in union with his female consort. The male figure represents compassion and skillful means, while the female partner represents insight.

The Empowerment of Tantra is Wisdom & Insight. Mother & Father Within You.

This can of course be re-enacted and we can use sexual methods to enhance our pleasure that combine many means. "Many means combined" can very easily be seen as a translation of Tantra and unquestionably mystery is very sexy to many of us so if you wish to roll with the mystery of your understandings and not let some very harshly different perspectives make you feel uncomfortable, please do not continue to read.

The Bitchy Buddha appears...

There is a lot of social justice-y liberal flavored talk I hear quite frequently in the spiritual new age world where people glibly mention the concept of following "your own dharma". Any Hindu scholar will tell you that even demons have their own dharma, so what is "your dharma"? Our own individualized dharmas are flavored by karma. Karma is basically spam in our individuated and collective being. It's malware. It's unwanted growths that block and impede the flow of realized shakti. Karma is accrued through acting with the two of the three universal forces: Clarity/Understanding/Light (Sattva), Passion/irrationality/sensual desires (Rajas), and Ignorance/darkness/Apathy (Tamas). Can you guess which two? If you guessed Rajas & Tamas, that's right! These two universal forces are encouraged in our society and we are often too cowardly and our esteem is too low to go against these popular energy fields. However, if one is a therapist, they may (not guaranteed) be wise enough to bring greater light and clarity to a person's life to reduce their sufferings. All sufferings come from ignorance and clarity is the best way to relieve us of sufferings. So, now how does this all apply to tantra?

There's a lot of trouble in the world of so-called Western Tantra these days. It's FULL of ignorance and passion and it's not stopping. It's a whole new age for a market of beautiful upscale female (and a few male) escorts. Selling sexually enticing workshops has only hurt the actual true mission of Tantra on earth. Guess what? It's NOT the ultimate orgasm. It is clarity. This is the only part of actual tantra that applies to improving our relationships. CLARITY. If we do not have clarity in our lives, we fight. We make assumptions. With our passions high, we are angry and lustful. We cheat and fight. We do not hold our marraiges together. We divorce. We may even become sexually deviant. This does actually happen from time to time and you all know it so don't accuse me. Go back to the top of the article and read again. There is nothing quite as powerful and enticing as the longing sensation itself. It is this mysteriously stirring of longing... That delicious aching feeling to be one with the beloved that is focused upon in Tantra even MORE than the sex itself. This is also referred to by the great masters as the Tao!

It is the fact that your ENTIRE BEING remembers what sex feels like once it has happened that makes it possible for you to move that feeling of the memory of sex into an orgasm. All on your own. With your own mind. Let us journey to the sacred tremor more in Tantra and become more skilled in the knowledge of what true pleasure really is. Once you find the sacred tremor, sex becomes more humorous more than pleasurable. You'll take it less seriously as something you must have. You play more & "fuck" less. This is liberation. It's not for all of us. Only those who long for truth, love, and justice for all.