Do you enjoy all forms of yoga?

Greetings, Raja Yogi.

The mission of Yoga magick is that of alignment with the nobile love which resides in the very source of nature itself.

Raja Yoga urges us to face the rising sun of our true nature;

That absolute and transcendent abiding spirit of consciousness from which we are all inseparable.

This "Royal Union" takes you down the long and winding road of realization,

where you will see how Yoga meets Mahayna and you find the lotus within you

that unfolds to reveal Buddha Dhatu (your true nature).

Raja Yoga is classical yoga. It is yoga the way Patanjali wrote about it.

Putting the rest of the angas (limbs) of yoga to work does not push a fundamentalist religion.

It is not "dry", nor does it take all the "fun" out of life -- In fact, digging into the rest of the angas

provides us with valuable, vitalizing, intellectually stimulating therapy for enhancing life skills.