Raja Yoga

Raja Yoga

Yoga in its holistic multidimensional form, bringing integrity into physical,

philosophical, and psychological aspects of the practice that supports self empowerment through full ownership of one's own free will.

That is, seeking to conduct oneself in the most elevated and upright fashion, through accountability for times when the free will is not aligned with truth and goodness.

It is vital that self forgiveness is part of the process of yogic living and tantric mentality, in understanding and accepting that the free will always have times when it is not perfectly aligned with the highest good.

It is the Raja yogin's duty to understand why these deviations from the highest good occur.

The Raja yogin is supported by the Guru (any given respected teacher)'s light through appreciation of learning about failings, weaknesses and errors, via self reflection, and knowing that we are prone to error.

In order to free oneself from condemning and ignorant forms of value judgment, we must love all of creation (shrusti) including all form of animals, insects, trees, and rocks, and always keep in mind that everything is subject to shifts, changes, and ultimately total transformation.