Detox for Healthy Eyes and Skin

Looking For That Yogic Glow?

Yoga can help you to look young and vibrant well into seniority, due to its detoxifying nature along with its abilities to still the mind, therefore subduing anxious, angry and worried reactions. It should be no wonder why we find taught smooth textured skin and healthy shining hair and nails to be attractive. Such traits are an indication of physical and mental health.

Every yoga practitioner I have met who has had years of regular practice has vibrant, glowing skin and sparkling eyes. But this is not possible in a few days by doing some selective asanas. You need to be disciplined in your diet, regular yoga practice, follow yama/niyama yoga ethics and keep balance between your outward personality and your true self. Strive to live a life of equanimity, avoiding excesses of all kinds. Discipline and a regular yoga practice will help you to attain a glow from deep within that will manifest on the outside. Your joyful smile will radiate even more of your inner brilliance.

Yoga Beauty Magick; How Yoga Helps.

Yoga helps you to attain your ideal body weight and attain appropriate body proportions by removing excess fatty deposits and toxins from all body organs. It improves flexibility and even muscle tone, to help you maintain correct posture Yoga improves blood circulation and helps to remove toxins from the body, which most essential for beauty. Detoxification of the alimentary canal through yogic kriyas helps optimum absorption of nutrients in your food. Yoga practice helps to provide nutrition at the cellular level. All the internal organs and particularly the endocrine glands get activated and their functioning is optimized.

Yoga asanas and pranayama makes you free from disease by strengthening the immune system. Healthy body means healthy skin.

Yoga practice can specially benefit women to retain their natural beauty while coping with the energetic drain and pains of menstrual problems, child birth, work and home stress etc.. Most of the film personalities around the world practice yoga for years to retain their beauty and youthfulness. Yoga helps us all to stay slim and active. So, ideally start your day with yoga practice.

What are the main obstacles in the path of beautiful skin?

  • Insufficient nutrition due to unhealthy eating habits.
  • Eating foods which are poor in nutrition like white flour, sugar, tea, coffee and soft drinks.
  • Sedentary lifestyle which leads to improper blood circulation and accumulation of toxins in our blood.
  • Improper cleansing, leading to dirt and dust particles getting accumulated in skin and clogging sweat glands.
  • Poor digestion or frequent constipation.
  • Overexposure to sun.

Yoga For Beauty

Yoga asanas, pranayama and kriyas help to improve blood circulation, detoxify your body and restore proper functioning of your body as well as endocrine glands.

Practices & Poses

  • Suryanamaskar - sun salutation
  • Trikonasana - triangle pose
  • Yogamudrasana - yoga sealing pose (AKA bound lotus)
  • Pawanmuktasana - wind releasing pose
  • Bhujangasana - cobra pose
  • Ushtrasana - camel pose
  • Sarvanghasana - shoulder stand
  • Halasana - plow pose

Yoga For Beauty: Pranayama

Pranayam practice provides us oxygen which is transported to our cells across the body through our blood. Practice pranayama at least for 30 minutes early in the morning in an open area or a green lawn.

  • Rhythmic deep breathing
  • Alom Vilom (AKA nadi shodhana) - Alternate nostril breathing
  • Kapalabhati ("breath of fire")
  • Bhastrika ("bellows breath")
  • Bhramri ("humming bee")

Supermodel Christie Turlington loves yoga.

It supports her career of being all pretty.

    • Can Yoga Truly Make You Beautiful?
    • Effectiveness of yoga for beauty depends on how frequent and regular your practice is. Devoting about half an hour daily to yoga can help you improve your natural beauty.
    • Learning all the yoga asanas or poses from a qualified teacher will be safe and beneficial.
    • Stress Reduction
    • Deep breathing in shavasana after the yoga practice provides complete relaxation. Try yoga nidra after your yoga practice or before sleeping.
    • Meditation
    • Practice meditation at least once a day for 5 to 10 minutes each time daily and gradually increase the time. If you know no other meditation practice om recitation by closing your eyes and concentrating on the area between your eyebrows. Meditation will cool your nerves, improve your concentration and confidence.
    • Diet
    • Eat a healthy and nutritious diet. Eat sattvik food as per yoga diet philosophy. Include plenty of fresh dark green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, milk, sprouts,nuts, whole grain cereals etc to your food. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables in raw form or enjoy fresh vegetable/fruit juices. Vegetable juices are a low calorie storehouse of nutrients. Eat a balanced diet and include handful of nuts. Avoid tea, coffee, alcohol and aerated drinks. Try to eat freshly cooked food as far as possible. Stop intake of processed and junk food. Here are some more tips on diet for beauty.
    • Yogic Tips For Glowing Skin
    • Make water your favorite drink. Drink plenty of it as it hydrates the skin and helps to remove toxins. It also helps to promote smooth bowel movements.
    • Be cheerful at all times. There is nothing better than laughter yoga in this regard. If you suspect that you are being enslaved by sadness, anger, envy, fear or worry, TRY EFT (emotional freedom tapping)!!!!
    • Practice detachment and avoid excesses of food, drinks or emotions. Eat for nutrition and not for taste buds.
    • Follow an active and healthy lifestyle.
    • Clean and exfoliate your skin regularly. Use an effective moisturiser.
    • Get your body massaged periodically. Oil massage improves blood circulation and improves the health of the skin.
    • Avoid over exposure to sun. Do remember to apply your sun screen lotion.
    • An eight-hours sound sleep will help your body to replenish, regenerate and rejuvenate itself. Take rest at the end of the day. Do not skip sound sleep, as a restless mind often affects the overall health.


Our skin is always changing, receiving damage from the sun,

shedding and re-growing.

Regular facials are also beneficial as we age, because our skin replenishes itself slower with time. Facials include exfoliating services that stimulate this natural self-rejuvenation process.

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