Meditate With Ganesha

This is a meditation upon God.

In the ancient Indian cultural tradition, God is represented in many manifestations and forms, as this is the nature of God---one source, split up into endless parts. Ganesha is an identity of God that has been deeply adored and invested in by Hindu culture as this aspect of divine being that assists us in comprehending and processing deep realizations about the things that either block or permit flow to occur in the direction of our desires.

Ganesha represents an aspect of God within us all, which governs the creative force in our pelvis known as Kundalini Shakti that is, the dynamic creative psychic energy which dwells in our sacrum.

The story of Ganesha's creation represents how he guards the threshold at the Swadisthana (sacral or womb) chakra that leads up the spine, into the Manipura chakra (solar plexus) and on upward.

To awaken Kundalini, it is not easy and takes a lot of dedication, bravery, and transcendence (overcoming) of many common human weaknesses. Among them is thoughts and attitudes that arise from troubled self esteem.

Allow the vibrational qualities of ganesha, the guardian of the door to inner bliss wash over you in this dhyana

(meditation of divine contemplation) experience.

For a few sensitive individuals more in tune with natural instincts, the pleasant elevating effects of this mantra may be immediate, while some need to listen at least three times to really begin to feel it.

Keep love in sight, stay focused, determined, and forgiving.



While listening, Take a comfortable, relaxed seated position, sitting straight with spine stacked, chin slightly tucked.

close eyes 9/10ths (allowing a little crack of light in),

gazing inwardly at the brow.

Adapt a deep slow breath as if in a wakeful sleep.

Calmly cruise along in this meditation.