Mahamudra, known as "the great seal" is a term that expresses our universal goal of ultimate realization.

It is often considered as a Buddhist term, and occasionally surfaces in Hinduism.

In the Western world, it is understood that some of us endeavor to actually awaken ourselves through studying sutras (swadyaya*) that originate from other cultures. This is a very commendable effort and this practice is broadly respected, however the chance of actually attaining true realization through those texts is minimal at best and can cause more mental disturbance than it is intended to. Studying universal consciousness through a culture that was created in an environment that we do not come from creates an investment in an anomaly to our society, which is alienating.

Many of us happily choose this alienation, as we have developed an aversion to religion, which is fully understandable, due to the entrenchment nature of subscribing to any given religion. It is often understood that religion can most certainly enforce dogmatic (rigid) thoughts and further inflict us with more delusion than we had to begin with. However, the practice of memorizing and committing our minds to sutras translated from Pali and Sanskrit encourages our minds to cling to rough English translations of highly specialized words. This is also a form of dogmatic thought. This dogma only traps us in a circular debate of philosophies, as we fail to honour the divine in each other at most vital and present times when a fresh dialogue and new ideas are introduced. The unconscious clinging to sutra can set and maintains an environment of torment, as we uphold not the Dharma but holding patterns of Adharma (nonconstructive information, behavior, and materials). Knowing sutras and disputing another person's thoughts, feedback, or inquiry only enforces dishonor, disrespect, and generally quarreling over meanings that we have only developed personal nostalgias toward.

Yogamagick reminds us of the vital human element.

Yogamagick calls into the Dharma discussion, the focus (tapas) of fiery personal discipline in regard to nonclinging (aparigraha), truthfulness (satya), and ahimsa (non-harming) so that we may step away from ancient texts, and look eye to eye, heart to heart, and witness important phenomena of mind through understanding both the self, ourselves in self reflection (vichara). Through these means and teachings, the universal (and therefore) ultimate self and our individual selves will eventually be seen as non-different and non-separate. From this point of understanding, compassion is no longer just a word that you say that you use in your life---it becomes a way that you are.

Above mentioned in the study of sutras, I have used the word *"swadyaya". We must never forget that swadyaya does not simply translate as "study of sacred text", but also study of oneself.

Study of oneself is vital to practice this highest tantra that I am bringing to you.

is a holistic mind-body therapy system of integrated thought and action that has been developed to assist us in evolving our consciousness into the state of ultimate realization, enlightenment, awakening.

How is Buddhism Relating to Yoga?

1/4th of Yoga Magick practice is yoga poses (asana) and breath work (pranayama).

The rest is the psychic (mental/emotional) work of wisdom teachings (jnana) applied to observance and comprehension of thoughts (chita), words (vac), and actions (kriya) in our daily lives.

Katherine offers support in practices and satsang ("in company of truth") discourse, which brings us into merging with the mode of supreme being. We do this by lovingly overcoming ignorance and passions through understanding and forgiveness in order to arrive at the sattvic state of clarity, awareness, and ultimately conquering delusion.

This is the vital heart of yoga.

Please understand that the shape and abilities of your body is not the main determining factor

in order to become adorned with the crowning jewels of union with the divine.

The main determining factor is how badly you wish to be liberated (moksha).

Where was Yoga Magick developed?

In February of 2002, Katherine realised that ancient sacred texts and mantras are not necessary for us to attain the understanding of mahamudra. This understanding occurs organically as we seek to understand the ultimate self.

This ultimate self contains universal human mind-factors that either bind us to sufferings or bring us into states of greatness and strength. The conventional, modern, and accessible living Dharma teaching that Yogini Katherine transmits assists us in deeply understanding what emotional health is in contrast to emotional sufferings, dysfunctional behavior, and irrational living.

True knowledge is the actual empowerment that brings us to liberation.

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