Subtle Body

Chakras, energy vortexes, meridians and more....

The Philosophy of the subtle body.

It is known in different spiritual traditions; "the most sacred body" (wujud al-aqdas) and "supracelestial body" (jism asli haqiqi) in Sufism, "the diamond body" in Taoism and Vajrayana, "the light body" or "rainbow body" in Tibetan Buddhism, "the body of bliss" (anandamaya kosha*) in Kriya Yoga, and "the immortal body" (soma athanaton) in Hermeticism.[1] The various attributes of the subtle body are frequently described in terms of often obscure symbolism: Tantra features references to the sun and moon as well as various Indian rivers and deities, while Taoist alchemy speaks of cauldrons and cinnabar fields.

Clairvoyants sometimes say that they can see the subtle bodies as an aura. The practice of astral projection, as described in various literature, is supposed to involve the separation of the subtle body from the physical. The theosophical movement was important in spreading such ideas throughout the West in the late 19th century. The existence of subtle bodies is unconfirmed by the mainstream scientific community.

*anandamaya kosha, one of the 5 koshas or "sheaths", which according to Vedanta (Hindu mystical philosophy), exist around our body much like Russian nesting dolls.

These sheaths are a largely considered through practices within the age-old system of Ayurveda or "Life-wisdom", which is catching on quickly in our present Western world.

Here is an Excellent poster of the Koshas by Pamela Becker

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Note the subtle green glow around the hands.

The heart chakra is connected to the palms of the hands and inside of the arms.

This connection explains the soothing power of touching with the hands and using loving intention.