Meet Katherine

Yoga Magick delivers Raja Yoga to the world in a modern and attainable way through contact, teachings, and communications with the yogin who has spontaneously attained an overwhelming proportion of loving sentiment and mental stillness through Jnana-wisdom, which has never changed throughout the ages, due to its reliance on the unwavering power of truth; the essence of all wisdom and knowledge-based power.

It is this truth-aligned wisdom which brings us the joyful ease and loving sweetness necessary to shed the onion layers of samskaras,

those rough outer coating of reptilian scales of trauma and strife that block us from deeper, more powerful states through the sly deception of our ego.

Katherine Russ was born in the United States Los Angeles, CA in 1980. She grew up in a normal dysfunctional Western household, fraught with confusion and generational traumas that she later came to understand was not a remarkably unusual circumstance and deemed the troubles of her upbringing unworthy of being carefully hidden like some kind of significant family secret. Upon her experiences in life with the study of statistics, addictions, and the popular 12 step process of recovery, she learned that she had simply been swept up in an ocean of troubles in a national behavioral health crisis that has traumatized all races, cultures, and classes the world over. Upon realizing this, she overcame the shame of her origins and delved deeper into the divine essence she is, just as we all are. At age eleven Katherine discoverd Yoga with the show "Lilias, Yoga and You" on PBS. This was after she had already began doing her own stretching and breath exercises at around age six. Ironically, she had began to feel as if she was developing a special exercise system of her own. She was relieved however to discover that there was something much bigger than her one little life that was connected to the stretching and breathing that she had come to enjoy.

In 2002 Katherine experienced a powerful awakening into divine consciousness that was so profound she was certain her time of death had arrived, as she believed that no human being could possibly be permitted by God to go on living after realizing the secret of what we all actually are and what we are all going through. Belief itself later came to be rejected as a non-constructive aspect of clinging to an unreal mental construct. Belief itself revealed its nature of destabilizing human serenity, due to its lack of truth-centered nature. Such should reveal to the world the dangers of superstition and religion and Yoga should never be referred to as "new age", nor a "belief system", but a philosophical science of mental and emotional wellness. Ten years of reflection following her awakening brought her to the conclusion that due to the grace of Kundalini Shakti, she had realized powerfully ego-transcendent information---an intimate personal realization of the supreme self that knits our collective consciousness together as one super-soul.

Katherine's life has been filled with one brilliant revelation of truth after the next in path of mystical proportions. She is grateful to have the popularity of the familiar platform of yoga to deliver excellent precious stress and pain-relieving practices, heart control, stress management, blood pressure control, power-cultivation, mental-emotional healing, life changing stories, the glorious message of divine consciousness, and liberation from suffering.

She is presently working on dance, audio, meditation workshop projects, and psycho-spiritual empowerment clinics and travels frequently, enjoying her cross-continental connections in love, friendship, and business that bring her all over the world to share unique modes of advanced yoga that go beyond the physical limitations of the body. Katherine does what she loves, what her whole life has arrived at; an exhilarating and ecstatic pursuit the transcendental path of yoga. Katherine welcomes you to move through your body and beyond, diving deeply into the philosophies and radiate means of empowerment, well-being and skill. Yoga Magick has been created to present a simplified and approachable way to the royal path of Raja Yoga, from the fitness experiences we share on the mat and beyond common knowledge into the esoteric realm of deep contemplation, self study, scriptural study, self reflection, and the art of meditation. You, the meditator sit at the center of the mandala of practices that take you deeper, orbiting your focus of perfected inner bliss. Be sure to check into the Videos page for mantra videos, instructional, and more. Podcast show coming soon.

At age 21 in 2002, she gained a direct realised understanding that knowing the nature of our mind and subsequent ego has purifying and therapeutic effects upon our emotional health, bringing us to states of ecstatic bliss, deep love, and compassion that frees us from fear, envy, hatred, and excessive pride. When we understand the nature of the train of thoughts (mind stream), we will become a more skilled operator of the train (of thoughts). In this nature of control over the predictive words that arise from the mind, we control our hearts sentiments. We can then choose compassionate love no matter what is happening in our sphere of awareness and through these means, transcendental powers beyond disgust, hatred, covetousness, jealousy, and pride are gained in the form of acceptance, loving kindness, non-attachment, compassion, and fearless humility.