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March 28th 6 PM

Znama Dance Studio

232 SE Oak St, Portland, OR 97214


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Practice Description

Bring something hydrating to drink (like water), wear something comfortable, and get ready to enjoy something incredibly special.

This healing trance dance is part of the Right Hand Path Shakta Tantra tradition, stimulating the gentle healing aspects of the primal psychic energy known as Kundalini Shakti. This ancient practice is a safe and joyfully direct path for coming into your birthright of the natural bliss state & Truth Consciousness Bliss that is Sat Chit Ananda.

Enjoy shaking, dancing, and sounding vibrations through the chakras as a means of deepening our development in our meditations. Not only are we clearing the field surrounding our chakras, we are releasing emotional baggage associated to traumas, in favor of soaking up a delightful rush of creative unconditionally loving energy.

The healing effect of this practice is excellent for emotional healing, clearing us of the anxiety, pain, and sufferings of stuffed, repressed emotions.

2018 calculates to 11, which is 2. 2018 is a great number that expresses shifting from a multiplicity into union, therefore this is a great time for us to be inviting such a shift through this special dance of yoga-union with the individual and supreme flow of ecstatic creative and unconditional love that is our Shakti.

Invite the new energies of 2018 as we make room for divine creative energy. May we be inspired to perform at our optimal levels in life and find great success in doing the things we enjoy.

Prior to the practice, the venue space is first prepared by creating an intentional container to ensure the safety of all participants. This way we may be kindly held with with unconditional love and experience a sense of vulnerability in this sacred practice.

4 segment summary:

1. Shaking warm up to stimulate the movement of Qi or Prana (energy) in the body, to release somaticised emotions such as anguish, depression, anxiety, terror, or other feelings related to the trauma-based "pain body"---rhythmic shaking for fifteen minutes to drop into a blissful sacred trance state.

2. We dance freely, exploring the creativity and play of free form ecstatic dance for fifteen more minutes, easing into a cool-down.

3. Fifteen minutes of silent seated or savasana (laying on back) meditation.

4. Sonic healing sounding methodically through the chakras.

This is followed by a moment of silence to savor our experience and time to talk and discuss our experience to close the session.

Katherine deeply enjoys sharing the richness and depth of Raja Yoga (Yoga of the Mind) with those who are open to

deepening their practice and is happy to answer any other questions regarding this particular workshop or yoga cosmology

such as Vedic time keeping (the Yugas), Koshas, Chakras, Mantra, Mudras, general tantra, in addition to Buddhist andTaoist philosophy.


This traditional ecstatic dance practice came to Katherine when she was enjoying an extended stay at the Ananda Ashram in beautiful Monroe New York.

Once she experienced it, she realized that this was the perfect practice she was looking for to form a perfect synergy of RHP Tantra practices,

Kundalini pranic healing, and dance background, enabling her to teach yoga in a transcendental way, inviting us to see beyond the limited asana-based

concept of Yoga and into the complete union of humanity with True Nature that this vast practice brings to human kind.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? :

Phone/text: 720-410-1012

If you or someone you know who wishes to attend Illuminating Shakti is having financial difficulties, you may inquire about our energy exchange program.

We look forward to meeting you on this amazing journey of divine grace, wisdom, and ecstasy of being - Sat Chit Ananda.