Esoteric Yoga Commentary

This page is intended to provide insights from an esoteric yoga perspective---that is, one of sattvic mental clarity

and direct realisation of the yogic state of inspired revelatory observation, also known as Yoga Vidya (revelation mind).

This is not "channeled" information, but that which is derived from the deep meditative reflection

from the contemplative mind of the outpouring of ecstatic realisations that occur to the awakened yogin.

The intention of sharing esoteric yogic commentaries is to provide clarity in regard to foreign, local, and global events including

shifts in public media, entertainment, arts, science, education, sacred texts, religion, medical field, news, and other worldly phenomena.

This page primarily includes post-research confirmed observations that reflects on significant aspects of life that are adversely affecting our ability to achieve enlightenment (attain realization of the supreme self). The information contained herein may not be immediately comprehensible or even significant to all readers, however if you give this information time to process, you will come to find that these articles, videos, and writings are indeed significant for the mitigation of the suffering of humanity that stem from a dissociation from truth and reality.

This page is to illustrate just how a disenfranchisement from truth and reality will without doubt give rise to psychological troubles

that are universally suffered by people the world over, due to the irrationality that stems from negative media brain wash, blatant lies and disinformation,

substance addictions, exposure to emotionally unhealthy social modeling, dysfunctional behavior patterns, and multi-generational trauma.

Any inquiries on life that you have that are represented above are simultaneously affecting you and impacting the world at large.

The sufferings that we experience are very rarely if ever unique, special isolated cases that only one person is experiencing.


If you would like help with exploring anything you are suffering from or struggling with and are looking for a new perspective or liberating approach, we may be able to help you expand your view (zoom out!), as this relieves us almost automatically from depression, fear, and feelings of despair once we hit a point of ultimate true realization, so feel free to email Yoga Mayi in order to receive insight on anything that is concerning you.

If you so desire, your requests will be kept anonymous for your safety and protection if you inspire Yoga Mayi to write on your behalf.

Normally emails receive an answer within 7 days.

Why The Unclean Path of Tantra is Popular

(Blinded by the Wrong Lust: Sexual Hunger, PT I)

22 January 2018

Right Hand Path is the most esoteric practice. At this time, as this most degraded time for humanity known as KalYug (falsely: Kali Yuga) comes to an end, many are still too cowardly to go there. However, due to the good nature of truth and righteousness this is destined to change. The contamination of this world will be cleared inevitably.

The prevalence of left hand path practices have now overflowed from the the sewers of occult fanbases world wide. This is mainly due to widespread factors of low morale and degradation, negative fear and strife based brainwash in popular music and news. We are suffering deeply, feeling betrayed by our leaders, yet failing time and time again to rebel in the most effective way to regain our power, so we seek magickal powers. We seek to invoke entities in hopes that we will gain all power, yet this is an inverse approach.

There is a mob rule of pressure to gain approval from the broadest audience possible so that we feel "good" about ourselves. However, due to deception being so common as false or fragmented information is being promoted as fact, we suffer from being battered and beaten now by energies of ignorance. So perhaps we may want to ask ourselves what good is there in getting kudos from a world of perverts? If perversion is normal, we must rebel against the backwards, inverted, and twisted.

We must transcend our perversion (merely twisted nature) and come to terms with it as a mind quality/condition that is highly prone to be believed to be an aspect of our identity. We must release beliefs in exchange for mystery, awe and the unending pursuit for truth in order to clear ourselves of this mistaken identity based on quirks and sentiments.

We must practice positive brainwash with our asana practice, our prayers (or noble thoughts), mantra, self study, scriptural study and conversations in satsang. We must drop our own errant subjective dharmas to recover the (true) Dharma and recover ourselves in the light of truth.

Reading of the KalYug Prophecy

10 December 2017

KalYug is the time we are now living in (most often and commonly mispronounced as "Kali Yuga" by Westerners), which is ending soon.

If you are as tired as I am of hearing all this doom-saying about the "end of the world", this should give you some solace.

We are not about to all die. We are about to realize the absolute power of truth.

A Hall of Mirrors- A Den of Deception

22 November 2017

Mirrors are thoroughly magical, powerful symbols that have been used as far back as ancient Buddhism.

They have been used for thousands of years, using various means before we discovered this perfected means of making a mirror.

Now… Let us go beyond magic now to God, as we touch briefly upon the yogic practice of ishvara pranidhana, also known as "surrender to God".

Which God? The only God that rules in actuality. This of course is the truth and only the truth, so help you.

Surrender to God is oneness with God and this is in itself essentially THE STATE OF YOGA!

How do we do this? Practice TRUTH - SATYA! Let's get real now, shall we?

How do we feel safe to practice basic truth in the world if we are being CONSTANTLY lied to about science and human history?

We must unravel falsehoods and reorient ourselves to the truth and this is where these commentaries come in.

After all, what is more esoteric than the truth itself?

First, please watch this brief fascinating video on how mirrors are made....

Pretty amazing, right?

Now, are any of my readers detectives? Let's see how your detective skills fare with this mysterious case of distorted data....

Above is a video on how a mirror is actually made using an absolutely gentle chemical technique, yet this article here on a site called "How Stuff Works" (…/everyday-in…/mirror1.htm) If you examine it, apparently mentions this technique NOWHERE. I thought this website was called "how stuff works"!

Well, it appears that either the author of this article is either severely uneducated and unskilled or they are simply not interested in sharing the truth.

----snip from article----

It wasn't until the Renaissance, when the Florentines invented a process for making low-temperature lead backing, that modern mirrors made their debut. These mirrors were finally clear enough for artists to use. For example, architect Filippo Brunelleschi created linear perspective with a mirror to give the illusion of depth of field. In addition, mirrors helped jump-start a new form of art: the self-portrait. Later, the Venetians would conquer the mirror-making trade with their glass-making techniques. Their secrets were so precious and the trade so lucrative that renegade craftsmen who tried to sell their knowledge to foreign workshops were often assassinated.

At this point, mirrors were still only affordable for the rich, but scientists had noticed some alternative uses for them in the meantime. As early as the 1660s, mathematicians noted that mirrors could potentially be used in telescopes instead of lenses; James Bradley used this knowledge to build the first reflecting telescope in 1721 [source: Panek]. Despite the importance of this discovery, the fact remained that both were cost-prohibitive.

The modern mirror is made by silvering, or spraying a thin layer of silver or aluminum onto the back of a sheet of glass. Justus Von Leibig invented the process in 1835, but most mirrors are made today by heating aluminum in a vacuum, which then bonds to the cooler glass [source: Britannica]. Mirrors are now used for all kinds of purposes, from LCD projection to lasers and car headlights. But how do mirrors actually work? Find out on the next page."

[The article then cuts in telling a historical story and then denying its credibility with so-called scientists disputing the skill and intelligence of Archimedes.]


According to legend, the ancient Greek mathematician and inventor Archimedes used an array of mirrors to defend his hometown of Syracuse against the Roman navy. By using the mirrors to focus the sun's rays on a single point, Archimedes' heat beam supposedly harnessed enough solar power to set the invading ships on fire and sink them. Debate continues over whether or not this was actually possible at the time, but Archimedes gets some points for style nonetheless."

------end article-------

So now… I ask you… Which is truth? Is the video on how to make a mirror made with special effects? Is it CGI or is the article written in low integrity?

I am confident you will agree that at the very least something is wrong with the quality of education in and at the very least,

you will not rely on this website to give you the straight truth.

Could this be pointing to why we now have a fake news problem? Why are the providers of public information having to work so hard to conceal reality and truth?

We at Yoga magick see how Archimedes did most certainly made a death ray with mirrors, protecting the ancient Athenians from invasion. To pretend that this did not happen is perhaps a way of preventing us from creating our very own death ray from our own homes right now (not that we would be encouraging clever and intelligent people to do bad things.. ). Why would "scientists" assume we were all extra daft back in the day?

We have been very deliberately and cunningly disempowered and driven away from the true and real.

Let's just accept this and move forward however we can, shall we?

This article should prove that our age of information has disintegrated into an ignorant time of wicked disinformation. We must realize this. It is done


Welcome to the true age.