Dharma of Yoga - The Law of Union

Dharma describes the inescapable law of nature, reflecting real and actual truth.

It calls for us to observe logic and behave rationally and necessitates dual understandings,

in order to attain intimate personally acquired working knowledge (Gnosis) regarding the actualized non-dual conscious state of ecstatic samadhi trance that yogic practice guides us toward.

We can not escape duality based expressions and observations, as they are a spontaneously arising phenomenon of the mind, so it is wise to learn about equanimity of sentiment, that "middle path" between extreme reactions such as attraction and revulsion through self observation (swadyaya), and how our responses can be triggered directly by the partiality toward one view, experience, or mental/emotional state over another.

Aligning with the true self brings us into union with the flow of the true infinite law and order of nature itself.

It then is no longer relevant to search to do anything or go anywhere in order to become connected.

In our yoga, we unite as a global community of integrity, trust, and honour.

Through the active and vital practice of honesty and loving kindness, we arrive at True Power---that primal one and essential self, which is recovered by virtue of our dedication

To expressing and knowing truth, propelled by our fervent desire for true strength, absolute understanding, and freedom.

Yoga is not asana. Asana is only a small part of yoga.

-Katherine Russ