Dharma gives a Mother and Father the hormonal experience of oxytocin, the pure bond of love for the children.

Dharma is like "the law", but this law is not to be confused with anything written by a human

hand and forced upon the people. It is timeless, infinite, unchanging, and simply the way it is.

A healthy happy Mother & Father simply love their children, because they love themselves,

honour their relationship, and regard the children as an extension of their own selves.

Following the dharma is the way of loving care through which we gain the most benefits from the universal mind through truth, ease, humility, love, honour, non-covetous, non-greedy, non-narcissistic, and therefore non-delusional practices of conduct and choices that are born of the discernment between true and false. .

Yoga Aligns us with Dharma.

If you don't like the word dharma, feel free to pick another. There is no word quite like "Dharma" but other concepts can compare: The Way of Nature, Reality, Infinity, the Truth, or Tao, if you must.

The essence of the 8 principals of the complete and total practice of yoga aligns us with Dharma. The practices within both Kadampa Buddhism and Raja Yoga (complete yoga) encourage the loving care and natural ease needed in order to gain a view of Maha Mudra (the great attitude/ultimate reality), that is, the experience that arises from tantric meditaton, wherein the pure land spoken of in buddhism is experienced. Sattvic clarity is a possible human achievement, wherein no one has cause to be angry about being deceived, as such deception is easy to spot, and the cause for deceptiveness is understood. Many normal people call this "psychic". It is merely clarity.

This is a true and real empowered human experience which we are warmly inviting you to enjoy.