Learn Kundalini Reiki Healing Technique

Where your attention goes, the energy flows...

When we give someone a sustained touch with the highest intention, it feels the best. This is largely attributed to the ancient understanding that our hands are directly connected to our hearts.

Furthermore, it is scientifically evident that our hearts have a significantly larger electromagnetic aura than the brain. That is why we send feel-good energy through our hands.

The 3 Attunements

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Any competent Reiki system expands the capacity of the already-present channels (nadis) within our energy body.

Imagine starting with drinking straws in your home plumbing. It would take over 100X the amount of time to get clean in the shower as normal pipes. then Reiki comes along to put proper pipes in. Ahhhhh.

Are you ready to enhance the capacity of your energy body?


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for attunement

Kundalini Reiki supports your desires to awaken Kundalini safely. It taps into the healing aspects of the primal energy that resides within the base of our spine (sacrum), preparing the way. Kundalini Reiki also assists us in shifting our focus from the material world and enjoying multidimensional functioning.

Q: Does Kundalini Reiki give me a Kundalini awakening?

A: No.

Q: If it does not awaken Kundalini, what is the point?

A: When we learn Kundalini reiki, the meridians that run through the central nervious system are strengthened and cleansed. This applies healing energy directly to all the chakras so that we make positive progress in healing and strengthening our psychic faculties (the mental-emotional powers of our gloriously powerful magical mind).

What does Kundalini Do for us?

Kundalini is the storehouse of our vital force. This storehouse of creative conscious energy is encouraged to rise up through meditative practices and exercises, as we let go of our material-emotional attachments for the sake of being liberated from a constant state of seeking happiness.

This is finding happiness within.

This super consciousness of us all (paramatman) encompasses the entire known universe, which of course includes Earth, uniting ALL beings despite our so-called differences.

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