Awakened Energy Body 12-16-12

NW Yogis: Meet me at Me Fitness studios on NE MLK & Alberta for this special pop-up class I was given the honor to facilitate.

We will be practicing Kriyas of elevation which only take a half hour. Then, we will lay down for 25 minutes and take an "energy shower" a Shaktipat, to be precise, which translates as "psychic energy descending upon". These attunements are conducted through ascended master Kuthumi as I facilitate! It will open your energy channels and yes, make you capable of practicing reiki on yourself, your food, your pets, your plants, your loved ones and your life.

Only $20 for a lifetime of enhanced sensitivity and *OOMPH* to the clearing and strength of your energy body.

Learn about all the attunements and the attunement process here


Don't live in Portland or can't afford to attend?:

The transmission is received remotely anyway! Just mentally agree to receive it and lay down for it to wash over you at 12:05 PM PST for 25 minutes. Get up at 12:30 and enjoy consciously connecting to this delightfully pleasant and comforting energy for the next 24 hours before giving energy to others.

Find out why Kundalini Reiki is NOT just "healing therapy", not a "hobby", not a "cult", not "evil", not "fantasy".. etc! and revel in all that it actually is!

we will talk about psychic energy and WHY it's important.

It has to do with our HEARTS, SEX ORGANS & BRAINS!!

Sure, MANY of us have excellent beautiful, effulgent and strong energy channels and already possess "healing" abilities. However, if you think that when you need to upgrade ANY piece of technology that you own, that you will just be able to do it if you open up the dang thing and just re-invent the circuitry?? :)

Limited snack provided and you are welcome to share if enough community communicates an interest.

Capacity of the workshop is only 25, but I will try not to turn anyone away!

Please communicate with for questions & RSVP.

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