Yoga Magick serves as a Portal to passive and interactive health oriented education projects,

natural, scientific, and vital biological studies for the sake of uplifting our hearts, nourishing our soul, and educating our minds

for the good of our planet's future which depends upon our collective mental, physical, and emotional health.

Yoga Magick effectively functions and exists through every creative means possible

through the creative works, studies, and information sharing of your web hostess Yogamayi Katherine,

within sound reason and without causing harm.

We recognize creativity, exploration, humor, and examination to be the active part of being alive,

and the counter-balance to BEING in a receptive, vulnerable, willing, accepting, and surrendered state.

Yoga Online

Practice and experience yoga on line and in person

Follow her on mind-expanding adventures of nature, truth, and love.

HATHA as a way of life.......

with the counter-balances of

Active Creating *sun-HA-*

and passive Being -THA

we follow the natural flow of life.

RAJA as a means of the mind attaining excellence.

Yoga is life.

This life is powerful when you let the means of yoga empower you.

We extrovert the senses

through means of theatrics, arts, humor, drama, spoken word, and visual arts.

When we are thinking of the physical aspect of yoga,

we use the apparent body's opening, alignment, and adjustments,

to affect the mind and subtle body.

We focus on playful acro yoga, community yoga and kriya as well as rigourous Ashtanga/Krishnamacharya-inspired flows, yin & restorative!

We align with the same scientific practice Socrates and Ramana Maharshi recommends: SELF EXAMINATION. We find this to be vital.

We discuss, learn, and apply the philosophies and fully engage in the bioscientific studies of Hatha, Kriya, and Raja yoga combined with Kasmiri Shaivism studies.

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May we be empowered by the realization that we are all much more than this moment---beyond this body, our thoughts, our ideas, and concepts of individual self. We are infinite and should not be afraid of the judgments of our fellow human beings.

May all beings attain liberation.

- Yoga (including meditation), Self Inquiry, Emotionally Sensitive Counseling, Massage, & Diet -

The remedy for preventing medical complications from daily stress and strain.