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    Niyamas -- Precepts of Invididual Discipline
    Sauca -- Cleanliness.   Not only external cleanliness of the body, but attending to internal cleanliness such as avoiding the impurities of anger and egoism.   Moderation in diet.
    Santosa -- Contentment.   Not spiritual complacency, but acceptance of the external situation we are allotted in this life.
                           Tapas -- Austerity.   Deep commitment to our yoga practice.   "Blazing practice with religious fervor."
        Svadhyaya -- Self-study.   Spiritual self-education.   Contemplation and application of the scriptures or sacred texts of our chosen path.

         Isvara pranidhana -- Surrender of the self to God.   Acknowledgement that there is a higher principle in the   universe than one's own small self.   Modesty.   Humility.