Mantra to Overcome Attachment and Letting Go ❯ MOH MOHIYA ❯ Mantra Meditation Music

Full length Clarification video on KalYug (often erroneously referred to by the Western world as Kali Yuga)

Kal Yug or Kali Yuga Clarification with Esoteric Commentary

Mantra practice for protection from attack and relief in spiritual emergency.

Seed Mantra for Mother Goddess Tara

Some playful partner yoga!

Guiding Practices and Playful Partner Yoga

Love Letter to You.

Love Letter to The World - Poem by Yoga Mayi

Highly effective pranayama practice to help you achieve deeper levels of meditation  relief from anxiety, and rest.
This practice has been scientifically proven in medical studies with pregnant Women to increase the birth weight of a developing child.

Deepen Relaxation & Instantly Remove Stress: Buzzing Bee Pranayama