Private Sessions

  • $20 - Yoga Consultation With Dosha Test - Intro to Ayurveda - Sit & talk (45-60 minute max)
What's your Dosha?  The Ayurvedic system considers a form of humorism, known as the dosha type.  Find out what kind of dosha you have and how once it gets thrown off of balance by life the by product of this is illness.  Come on in, sip some tea, have a chat, and find out what dosha you are. 

Special offer with $20 Ayurvedic/Yoga consultation - 
Give reiki a try - 15 minutes of Reiki when you come in to take a dosha test.

  • $70 - 1hr fusion massage, sheet draped
Fusion of styles- Shatsu, Deep tissue, Swedish, essential touch all blend intuitively with powerful energy healing to sweep you away into a deeply relaxed space of restorative serenity.  Your highly sensitive, skilled, and mindful massage technician begins tuning into your breath and heart beat, then eases in with long, nurturing, harmonious strokes. 
  • $80 - 1 hr Ayurvedic massage -  warm oil, minimal loin drape
present, gentle, mindful and focused.  Lots of love goes into this style of massage known as abhyanga. You only wear either a paper loin cloth or a wash cloth over the genitals.  There is no normal "draping" in this session.  Get drizzled and rubbed all over, focusing extra on nerve ending areas such as feet, hands, and head.  Enjoy the effects of a soothing special blend of Indian oils that will relax tensed muscles, soften skin and give you an overall glow.  The more regularly you come in to get it, the more you will benefit.  
  • $60 - 1hr Thai Yoga massage
Experience the delightful experience of being gently manipulated into stretches, pressed and squeezed by hands and feet, and soothed by a loving touch. Experience the supporting and comforting feeling of the practitioner's body contacting yours to assist you into opening muscles, stretching, relieving tension and knots.  Leave feeling more peaceful and invigorated! A must try. 
  • $80 - 90 minute (1.5 hrs) private yoga intro session

First time coming in to practice with us? This one's for you.

  • $150 - 2 hrs of any type of above massage or yoga (listed below)
  • $160 - yoga with massage (most popular- Top notch deal!) - 2 hr
  • $60 x hr Kundalini Reiki* Treatment  
    • KUNDALINI REIKI* (pranic healing - available in sessions and lessons)
    • Some of us experience Reiki a little differently,  and Kundalini reiki is more powerful than the usual run of the mill Reiki.  Everyone receives exactly the kind of energy they are needing.  If you are exhausted and in pain, this will relieve your pain and help you feel more energized.  If you are having trouble getting to sleep, this assists in helping to relax your nervous system.  If you are feeling alone, isolated, sad, and unsupported, this helps bring the sense of being held and supported by the universe back to you and you are comforted.   

    • $300 - Kundalini Reiki Lessons (3 week private series) Become an even More Powerful Healer, Meditate More Deeply, & Enhance Psychic Sensitivity - Come in twice a week to practice. 

    Yoga style options: 
    2. *VINYASA
    3. *RAJA
    5. *YIN
    6. *KUNDALINI 
    7. *KRIYA

    *Reiki is universal healing energy. It is subtle energy healing arts practice that is very effective at helping us relax and supporting the natural healing process, recovery, and happiness necessary for us to grow stronger while being sensitive.  ~ ~ ~ Learn more here >Reiki<)

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