Yoga Mayi

Meet your hostess, Yogini Katherine Yoga Mayi.   

Yoga mayi shares how the complete teachings of yoga, according to Patanjali's Sutras as well as the Hathayoga Pradipika, also known as Raja yoga not only tones our body and purifies our nerves through control of the breath; it grants us with beneficial access of higher states of mind which include freedom from depression, fear, anxiety, mood swings, insomnia, and more. 

These teachings show how the school of thought known as Buddhism along with the technology of yoga in its pure form tie together precisely at the point of Tantra. 

We can all experience incredible mental health be
nefits through understanding and forgiveness, to achieve the blissful empowerment of a more expansive heart space and this is why Yoga Magick exists---as a platform for expansive thought, growth, learning, healing, and creative enjoyment; where pleasure, expression, and health come together at the peak of liberation.  This liberation is the hidden power of humanity that once it is revealed to a high enough number of human beings, the entire world will shift to a higher vibration.  

We are not here to wait for the universe to shift us, but to guide us into greater strength.  Once the strength we need is achieved,  we will realize how we are the ones who are responsible and destined to shift the world together. 

The Reality of TANTRA:
Tantra is NOT FOR THE LAZY! It is NO quick fix to an otherwise miserable life.  There is NO real benefit in getting someone to "do tantra to you".   The real benefit is in engaging with the practice of tantra ALONE, with your self and then eventually one naturally unites with a love partner who is on your level, or simply realizing that few are now on your level so that you may go off and enjoy deep levels of personal satisfaction and contentment alone with no sadness, sorrow, or shame.

The school of thought known as Tantra is designed to assist a person in cultivating themselves into the highest expression of embodied love possible, through the pursuit of prajna paramita, or transcendent wisdom which grants us the ability to seeing the nature of reality.  '

Knowing the nature of our mind and subsequent ego has purifying and therapeutic effects upon our emotional health, bringing us to states of ecstatic bliss, deep love, and compassion that frees us from fear, envy, hatred, and excessive pride.  When we understand the nature of the train of thoughts, we will become operator of the train.  In his nature of control over the predictive words that arise from the mind, we control our heart.'s sentiments.  We can then choose compassionate love no matter what is happening in our sphere of awareness and in this choice, supernatural powers are gained. 

This represents the primordial union of wisdom and compassion 
in the most romantic and intimate way possible.

This is the transcendent love through which we become a Tantric master.  This  the eternal love that accompanies the great wisdom of prajna paramita.  I know "Prajna Paramita" is not in the Sanskrit language many Tantra fans have grown comfortable with, but it still is the same principal.  It's Tantra.   Why would anyone not go to an older form of Tantra if they truly wish to understand the world?

Tantra, just like the nature of reality does not change. It only mutates with time, different agendas, and distorted understandings.  Yoga, for the record also originated from Nepal, the reputed birth place of Tantra. 

This transcendent wisdom is also practiced by a few yogis who live separated from society and are largely regarded as outcasts since their tantric transcendental past times have nothing to do with EROTIC MASSAGES* and everything to do with transcending disgust and hatred.  They go so far as to meditate while sitting upon rotting human corpses, as well as eat feces, and yes some human corpse parts as well.

Did you hear me mention the Kama Sutra or "Lingam Massage" or "Yoni Massage"?   Nope.  There is a lot about Tantra that people are ignoring since it cannot be put in an appealing package and sold to unsuspecting horny people.  


*Erotic massages are NOT provided through this website or by the host practitioner under any circumstances.
 DO NOT ASK FOR SEXUAL SERVICES unless you are willing for any and all services offered through the entity in control of this site to be refused to you.