Yoga Mayi

      Yoga Mayi was born in Los Angeles, CA in the United States in 1980.  She discovered yoga at age eleven while watching Lilias, Yoga and You on PBS.  This was after she had already began doing her own stretching and breath exercises at around age six.  Her life has been filled with one brilliant revelation after the next and she is grateful to have the familiar platform of yoga to deliver life changing stories, inspiring messages and liberating perspectives to the world.

She is presently working on recording mantras and nature sounds, sharing the brilliantly expansive extensions of yoga from the mat and beyond across the world.  Check into the Videos page for mantra videos, instructional, and more.

At age 21 in 2002, she gained a direct realised understanding that knowing the nature of our mind and subsequent ego has purifying and therapeutic effects upon our emotional health, bringing us to states of ecstatic bliss, deep love, and compassion that frees us from fear, envy, hatred, and excessive pride.  When we understand the nature of the train of thoughts (mind stream), we will become a more skilled operator of the train (of thoughts).  In this nature of control over the predictive words that arise from the mind, we control our hearts sentiments.  We can then choose compassionate love no matter what is happening in our sphere of awareness and through these means, transcendental powers are gained. 


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