With our world being in a mounting debt of over $55 trillion, money is now less "real" than ever.  Loving intention can have a healthier impact on our minds, as it is useful, positive, and constructive.  Let us work together to bring more healing intention into the numerological system known as "currency" that we exchange by giving to each other with sincere love, honor, and esteem, through heartfelt efforts to making the world we live in a happier, healthier, and all around better place.  Our intentions have true power.

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Hello, I am Katherine Russ, yogi and creator of

I feel very strongly about the cause of Giving Yoga to all who wish to benefit from it; the incarcerated, indigenous peoples, and low income and community members, as well as any other beings who recognise a need in themselves to become balanced, stronger, healthier, and happier.  I am personally motivated to be of service (within reason) where ever I can.  Love, esteem, belonging, sincere connection, and transcendence are the things that motivate me more than money.  However, my ability to provide emotionally safe satori space for the purification of the mind requires that I am also safe and nourished.  Being vegan can also make this a challenge.

Now, this little page is an opportunity for us to all practice Karma Yoga, by means of supporting Seva or 'service'.  Not only are we helping others, we are helping ourselves to an opportunity to deepen our practice and perhaps even find new more spiritually penetrating forms of yoga that aide us in not only looking good without our clothes, but help us to become genuinely more liberated in spirit through the process of becoming less fearful about loss of goods and materialistic attachments, egotistical, more humble, mentally clear, identify neurotic behavioral traits, be poised, content, and confident.   

If you share my views on this cause, feel free to contribute toward my goal & donate to me via Paypal