About Dharma Alliance

An amazing synchronicity has happened with Yoga Magick and her friends behind Little Tornado.... 
Our message is universally known and supported 
by all beings who embrace good nature.    

Little Tornado's Manifesto

.   If you honestly want the make the world a truly better place, welcome to the Dharma Alliance.

 Dharma describes the organic global reparation movement that moves on its own, as positive global progress unfolds through our efforts to always do the right thing and practice loving kindness.

We are by the people, and for the people...
.....including our friends without human voices---all creatures.  

We wish to thank Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap for using an ancient recipe with all natural products, and not testing on animals.  Dr. Bronner's Soap is a time-tested, highly useful multipurpose cleaner, which can be used to wash dishes, wash the floor, wash hair, and yes, even rinse our mouths out with. Furthermore, many of us have even washed our beloved pets with it without having any problem. 

Join us in the only way to stop the threats to this world, that is in sett all of our business straight in a mutually accountable, caring, loving, honourable structure of unified being.  Always remember, however. we do not know what straight and healthy truly is until we ourselves are straight and healthy.  

For further information about other global efforts to hold businesses to a higher set of standard values for the well-being of lifeforms on earth, please view the Laudato Si that was issued by our current Pope Francis.  [as ex lained on Wiki]

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