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AUM info

Amazing Unicorn Mist
(multipurpose purification potion)

8 oz. spray bottle
  $20 (including shipping).

AUM is an al
l-natural, biodegradable, multipurpose gentle astringent, smokeless incense and cleaner.

Use it as a freshen-up after hot yoga, Wipe off your mat, cut odor and tension from a room, 
Clean up cat barf (yes I use it for that) ~ Rinse your mouth out with a couple squirts in' a dash of water!
 Kill mold, fungus, germs and more- all gently and aroma-therapeutically. 

Aromatheraputic qualities: Romantic, Grounding & Calming

These lovely 8oz bottles are durable, UV-resistant and made from HDPE Plastic.
(considered one of the safest plastics; not likely to leach chemicals)

  Available for discounted refill at the various Portland, OR locations where it will be offered:

Yoga Shala of Portland

Me Fitness

More locations coming soon.