Pick yourself up out of the gutter!

Do you feel as if your professional and private life is slowly chipping away 
at your health? 

If this applies to you, it is perfectly natural for you to crave the following:

Honesty, sensitivity, accountability, gentility.

Feeling supported, loved, appreciated, accepted.

The above are necessary in order to stabilize our emotional health so that we may feel a sense of well being that eases our recovery process (onward to sanity!).  

Taking the first step toward moksha (liberation) involves letting go of unnecessary tension that arise from "holding patterns" based on various traumas and impressions and this is why we offer life coaching, yoga and meditation, in addition to full body release work*. 

*Release work on this website refers to letting go of  the hyper-vigilant tension in the mind-body.
Release work in holistic health terms do not have anything to do with sexual contact.

We DO NOT use "code words" on this website.  All communications herein are direct for the intention of clarity.

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