True Abundant Power of the Authentic Self

Asana and making healthy changes  ~ 
Saturdays  2:00 PM

As You Wish
Portland, Oregon
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The multiple dimensions of Raja Yoga in 3-D: 
DedicationDetermination, and Devotion guide us toward our true nature as we examine feelings, behaviors, and attitudes.
By letting go of non-constructive patterns we are freed from suffering so that we may experience true satisfaction and bliss of being.
~K. Yogamayi
(3-D concept - Biophysicist Ralph Sherman)

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Kundalini Attunements

"comfort yourself and others with your presence and conscious thoughts."

* Kundalini -  Vital force that dwells  like a reservoir of divine wisdom sourced in the sacrum. Even if "sleeping", it is projecting its energy up through the chakras, like the heat of a candle. 

** "Reiki": Japanese term that means "mysterious atmosphere".  It is derived from Chinese,"Lin-Qi" - (Supernatural Infulence). 

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